Freedom Counseling Services provides holistic care and healing in an environment dedicated to the presence of God.

If you are looking for a counselor who can offer compassionate care and practical steps to a greater sense of personal freedom in life, we’re glad you found us!



What is Freedom Counseling?

Freedom Counseling is a combination of traditional counseling, but with a stronger, more dedicated biblical and spiritual approach.  We invite the Holy Spirit to be central in the process, rather than added on to “our best efforts” to get at the heart of the issues.

Freedom Counseling can help with a number of life challenges: from marital problems, to depression, parenting issues, doubts about God, sexual struggles and more.



Schedule an appointment with us

We offer convenient appointment hours mornings, afternoons, and evenings Monday through Friday.



Community Connections

Freedom Counseling Services receives referrals from Southeast Christian Church, Northeast Christian Church, Iron Bell Ministries, and several other churches, physicians, and counselors in the area.