Our Approach  

We believe that our human wisdom and best efforts can only take us so far. That’s why at Freedom Counseling Services we partner with the Holy Spirit to help connect you with the heart of God, which is the source of all healing, hope and transformation.

How is Freedom Counseling different from traditional counseling?

Freedom Counseling is a combination of traditional counseling, but with a stronger, more dedicated biblical and spiritual approach.  We invite the Holy Spirit to be central in the process, rather than added on to “our best efforts” to get at the heart of the issues.

Our counselors will help you connect to the heart of God while also providing practical tools to walk in greater freedom.

What can I expect?

Compassionate Care

You can expect a compassionate, understanding counselor whose strongest desire is to reflect the goodness of God to you as you work through pain, challenges, or difficulty.

Freedom that Transforms

Our goal is not to simply offer coping skills, but to help connect you with God as the Source of all healing, hope and transformation.

Restored Identity

Move from a position of victimization or hopelessness into an empowered, purpose-filled life as a child of God.

Life Challenges Freedom Counseling Can Help With:

Relational Problems:


Parenting issues

Children's issues

Family and Generational issues

Personal Struggles:



Sexual struggles


Spiritual Issues:

Doubts & fears about God

Ministry burnout

Compassion fatigue

Church struggles

Tony Gore talks about his journey and Freedom Counseling


Referring Agencies

Freedom Counseling Services receives referrals from Southeast Christian Church, Northeast Christian Church, Iron Bell Ministries, and several other churches, physicians, and counselors in the community.